Monday, December 23, 2013

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tantra - Easy to Understand Audio - Tantra Basics

Tantra Community: Tantra Maxi

Monday, January 3, 2011

2012, Changing Relationships and Tantra

Episode 1 discusses how the Mayan prophecies and 2012 can explain the historical conflicts between men and women.  The good news is that it is changing as the 8th wave shift begins the shift to oneness.  The next shift occurs on 11-11-11.  Topics covered include 2012, relationships, divorce and tantra.  Meditation can help you heal from past emotional pain.  Release your past and create your future. 

About Release Method Guided Meditations

Specialized meditation therapies to help you cope with whatever stress is going on in your life. Relationship stress, career changes, insomnia, divorce, family problems, spiritual exploration, sexuality, etc. Find clarity. Become your own emotional warrior and take control. Facing and conquering is the path of liberation...not denying or ignoring your feelings.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mayan language pronunciations

Mayan Pronunciations in CALM
E... in EFFORT in KEEN in OPEN 
OO...OOH...hold “O” longer in MOON in BUSH 
‘...make a sudden stop between sounds 
Thank you = DIOS BOTIC = dee-os-bow-teek 
Nothing = MIX’BAH = meesh-bah 
What is your name? = BIXA’KA’BAH = beesh-ah-kah-bah 
My name is = IN KA’BAH = een-kah-bah 
How are you? = BIX ABEL = beesh-ah-bell 
Fine or Good = MA’LO = mah-lo 
How much? = BAH UX = bah-oosh 
You are my friend = IN LAK ECH = ing-lek-ehtch 
What do you say? = BAX KA'WALIK = bahsh-kah-wah-leek 
Nothing = MIX’BAH = meesh-bah 
Kristine with one of the authenticated 13 Crystal Skulls.

Insomnia and Depression

Depression is commonly linked to inadequate levels of serotonin, however it is also caused by high stress levels (high cortisol) or insomnia.  Alpha - theta neurotherapy has been shown to be very effective in regulating both these levels.