Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mayan language pronunciations

Mayan Pronunciations in CALM
E... in EFFORT in KEEN in OPEN 
OO...OOH...hold “O” longer in MOON in BUSH 
‘...make a sudden stop between sounds 
Thank you = DIOS BOTIC = dee-os-bow-teek 
Nothing = MIX’BAH = meesh-bah 
What is your name? = BIXA’KA’BAH = beesh-ah-kah-bah 
My name is = IN KA’BAH = een-kah-bah 
How are you? = BIX ABEL = beesh-ah-bell 
Fine or Good = MA’LO = mah-lo 
How much? = BAH UX = bah-oosh 
You are my friend = IN LAK ECH = ing-lek-ehtch 
What do you say? = BAX KA'WALIK = bahsh-kah-wah-leek 
Nothing = MIX’BAH = meesh-bah 
Kristine with one of the authenticated 13 Crystal Skulls.

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